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(Here's Pete 30 years ago...can you tell he loves his job?)

Darrin "Pete" Jackson, PLS 7251 - Principal, has over 30 years surveying experience, mostly in Sonoma County. An accomplished Professional Land Surveyor with broad-based management and technical leadership experience. Extensive practical familiarity with a large variety of computer software. A strong communicator with effective interpersonal, mentoring, and team building skills to involve individuals in the work process, provide a sense of commitment and contribution to the overall success of team objectives. A versatile, hands-on problem solver, cost conscious and profit motivated, recommends efficient and sound alternatives to problem areas without compromising quality. Organized and focused, adept at implementing multi-faceted projects simultaneously while working alone or as an integral part of a team. A sound professional attitude, strong work ethics, and pride in personal performance.


Jacob Jackson, Survey Tech. - has over 5 years experience following in his father's footsteps. Party Chief, Rodman, Instrument Man, and expert in corner reconnaissance. 



Jackson And Associates Land Surveyors